2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs Trading Card Tin

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs Trading Card Tin


This unique tin delivers unprecedented value with a huge assortment of dinosaur-themed collectibles, cards, stickers, puzzles, posters and more.

With over 150 collectible cards, 20 different dinosaur figures, 6 different 3-D skeleton puzzles and 6 different posters to collect, this fun and educational product will keep dinosaur enthusiasts coming back for more. Collect the entire 150-card set!

Look for BONUS Mini Dinosaur Figurines!

Every Collectible Tin Contains:

- One Dinosaur Figurine
- One 3-D lenticular dinosaur puzzle
- One Dinosaur Poster
- Two 8-Card packs of dinosaur trading cards
- Dinosaur stickers

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