A Song of Ice & Fire: Lannister- Heroes 1

A Song of Ice & Fire: Lannister- Heroes 1


Wars are fought with money, and in the War of the Five Kings, none of the Great Houses are more financially equipped than the Lannisters. They outfit their troops in the best armor and arm them with the finest steel. But troops still need leaders.

Some show their strength on the battlefield, like the Hound, Tyrion, or Lord Tywin. For others, like Maester Pycelle and the High Sparrow, their power is felt in the political arena. But make no mistake, they can influence the outcome of a battle all the same. The Lannister Heroes set for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives players a powerful advantage in the war for the
fate of Westeros.

•Awesome Miniatures - The Lannister Heroesset includes five highly detailed miniature figures, ready to hit the battlefield or engage in behind-the-scenes political manoeuvering.
•Game Cards - Includes 25 Attachment Cards, NCU Cards, and Tactic Cards, with all the information necessary for a Commander to make tactical decisions with their Units.

5 Miniatures
4 Attachment Cards
18 Tactic Cards
3 NCU Cards