Ultimate Guard - Chromiaskin Playmat - Inferno

Ultimate Guard - Chromiaskin Playmat - Inferno


The velvety-soft and thermo-active ChromiaSkin ™ surface material now also provides amazing color-changing effects in the Ultimate Guard Play-Mats, giving them a unique look and feel. Available in different colors.
ChromiaSkin ?: 
The thermoactive material changes color when touched. Each new touch leaves imprints, giving the Play-Mat a new, unique look each time. The imprints fade after a while and the Play-Mat returns to its original monochrome look. *

Soft-touch surface: 
The velvety soft surface of the innovative ChromiaSkin? Material provides a particularly pleasant feel.

The greater the difference in temperature between the hand and the environment, the clearer the color change effect can be seen. The initial color of the material becomes lighter from an ambient temperature of 26 ° C.

Protects cards and accessories while playing
Especially thick! 2 mm material thickness
Soft padded play mat
Non-slip texture on back
natural rubber
Size: 61 x 35 cm

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     Alberta Canada

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